Saturday, March 31, 2012


Wow - that was a crazy long blog break!  All I can say is that I think I got overwhelmed with sponsoring other blogs and trying to post a lot and only sewing for giveaways and starting to feel stressed out about it.  Plus, I went to California and Florida this month and I worked a bunch of extra shifts. 

But, I'm back and re-energized and re-focused!  I'm definitely going to get back to posting regularly and hopefully sewing a bunch more :)  I was looking through my Flickr Favorites and I realize how much I love little and colorful sewing projects, so I'm going to focus on some simple and small projects with pretty colors and prints :)

I've been buying a ton of fabric and patterns lately - look at all the chevrons!  And the matryoskas! 

And today, I sewed myself this little guy - the Basic Wallet in this awesome chevron print.  Can't wait to put it to good use!

Happy Sewing and I'll be back soon!!