Saturday, November 26, 2011

Small Business Saturday - Part 2


I'm back with some more shops to share on Small Business Saturday!  As I kept looking around the internets, I realized I had more I wanted to share so I added another post :)

Dianapantz - Diana sells winter wear, babypantz (the cutest!!) and awesome bags in her shop.  She recently made the leap to focus solely on her business, so go check her out and show some support!!

Plum Island Soap Company - a local company with the most amazing, all-natural products.  The facial moisturizer is a must in the winter!!!

Vintage Wanna Bee - Nichelle is having a HUGE sale in her shop of rosette and charm necklaces and hair accessories.  I want a Keep Calm and Carry On necklace for myself!

Gussy Sews - What can I say here?  I love Gussy, she's my blogging and small business idol!  You have probably already heard of her but if not - go shop her ruffly accessories!!!

The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery - cute, cute, CUTE cross-stitch patterns.  You will fall in love :)

Pink Lemonade - Another one of my blogging and small business idols, Paige is only 15 years old and running a hand-made business with adorable accessories.  I've already placed an order with her this holiday weekend for some cute little rosettes :)

Savor - handmade soaps and lotions and more.  I have purchased here and I can say that the soaps are just lovely :)

Keys and Memories - vintage style jewelry made from old typewriter keys - pretty and unique~

Small Business Saturday

It's Small Business Saturday!!  Hopefully next year I will have my own small business to promote, but for this year, I'm going to share small businesses from my favorites list on Etsy for you to check out. 

Two Marie's Jewelry - run by one of my best friends, she makes beautiful, professional looking pieces that will get you lots of compliments!  And free shipping on everything, every day!!

Gem and Metal - adorable jewelry featuring lots of owls (my favorite!!!) 

Kiwi and Green - vintage Pyrex, and other vintage treasures!!

Jenna's Attic - vintage sheet goodness!!!

Erin Ink Design - cards, art prints and magnets - some featuring my fave thing ever - Pyrex!!!  I have some of her magnets and they are awesome!

City Chic Country Mouse - ironing and kitchen accessories - I recently received the Sewing printed ironing board cover and pad and it brightens up the mundane task of ironing!!!

Keykalou Patterns - awesome sewing patterns - I have a ton of them and highly recommend Michelle's designs - and all patterns are on sale for $5!!

Simbiosis - sewn items such as Ipad sleeves, pouches and clutches of all different sizes and styles.  I have purchased here before and Julia sews everything so perfectly!  She's having a huge sale right now!!

Hope you find something for everyone on your list - support handmade whenever possible!!!  :)

Oreo Truffles

I have had this recipe pinned for a short time now and I was dying to try it!  These truffles are a 3 ingredient recipe that are so easy to put together :)  And, they were a big hit on Thanksgiving - they will definitely be made again!!

Here are my ingredients - melting chocolate picked up at Joann's, Double-Stuffed Oreos and a block of cream cheese - that's it!

I got to use my awesome new food processer - just toss in a bunch of the Oreos and pulse away till you have this....

Then you simply mix it with the cream cheese, roll into balls and refridgerate.  Cover with the melted chocolate and garnish with some of the crushed Oreos (click the first photo above to get to the original and more detailed instructions :)  Like I said, they were a huge hit and so easy (if a bit messy!!!) 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Pleated Tote Bag

Hello there!  I know it doesn't seem like it, but I have been sewing :)  I recently finished this bag and it came out awesome!  It's all I can do not to use it myself, but I really want to make a few tote sized bags to sell and this is the first one!  I've used this pattern before (it's an OOP Simplicity) and it's a quick and easy pattern to sew up.  I've made it before (here and here) and I will definitely make a few more of these.  It's lined in chocolate brown and has one patch pocket.

I'm trying to be better about my photographs, too.  I have no patience though!  I took a few photos and when I put them on my computer I knew I had to take a step back and try some different lightings - the original pics I took were SO BAD!! 

 The first photo above is in my bedroom, in the morning, with lots of natural light.  I like taking the picture with my dressform, so that you can really see the size of the bag.  The second photo is in my bathroom, no natural light at all.  Not too bad, but I think I like the first one better.  I guess it's true, there is no substitute for natural light!

Next up, I will be working on a ton of custom ordered make-up bags.  I've already made one up and it came out really cute :)  I also made some Oreo truffles that came out soooo good!  I have it Pinned on my Yummy board and will post about it tomorrow!  Hope you are all having a lovely Thanksgiving weekend :)

Honey and Nutmeg Facial Mask

                                                                         Source: via Katie on Pinterest

I found this all natural facial mask floating around the internet this past week and couldn't wait to try it!  It's super simple, just mix honey and nutmeg (and cinnamon too if you like!) and smooth it over your skin.  Leave on for 30 minutes (I only lasted 20!) and rinse off.  The nutmeg gave it a nice, exfoliating texture and honey is great for moisture.  I followed up with this all-natural moisturizer and the next morning my skin had a great glow.  :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Gussy's Inspiration Workshop - Thanksgiving

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner??? I just don't know where the time is going! I've got to work 7-3 on Thursday, but then I'm looking forward to having a delicious dinner with my family :)

I can't forget to remind myself to be grateful (thankful) of all the good things in my life around this time. Take a minute to count your blessings this coming week and enjoy some quality time with the ones you love :)

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another first!

I'm guest-posting for the first time!  Check out my tips for making the most of your creative time over on Dianapantz :)

I'm finally sewing up a bag that has been sitting in pieces patiently waiting to be put together -- finished product coming soon!

I'm going to have a giveaway when I get to 50 followers on Google -- just 2 more to go!!  Hope you are having a great Sunday!

I Tried It! Easy, Homemade Drain Cleaner

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

So, as you know I am obsessed with Pinterest and have been gathering and saving pins of different recipes and tutorials that I want to try out. Here is a quick one that I tried out last night. All you need is some white vinegar and baking soda. Dump about a cup of the baking soda down your clogged up drain. Next, pour in about a half cup of the vinegar. I covered my drain with a small plate to keep everything down. Wait about a half hour and then run the hot water for a minute or two. You may need to repeat it, but if kept up, it should keep your drains nice and clear :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

This Week

It's been a good week so far!  Got away for a night to the mountains of New Hampshire....

Received my new ironing board cover in the mail - I love it!!!  I have been eyeing this one for months now - purchase your own right here :)

And found some time to whip up this cute, little checkbook cover as a custom order!  Hope you are having a great week too! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Purse and Jewelry Party

Last Thursday night was the night I have been working towards for the past few months!  My dear friend, Tara, and I had our purse and jewelry party and it was a success!  We tried to coordinate as many of our pieces as possible - placing colors and styles together as best we could.  I was really happy with what sold and I even got 5 custom orders!!!  I definitely want to do this again - probably in the spring - and I really feel that this is bringing me closer to launching my own online shop.  The next few projects I will be working on will be the custom orders - I can't wait to get started!  And now I can put this money towards business cards and labels and some fun, new supplies!

Make sure you check out Tara's jewelry website - I own a ton of her pieces and they are really well-made.  I get tons of compliments every time I wear them - and you can't beat the free shipping she offers with every purchase :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Latest Finds - Bluebird, Friendship, Gooseberry, Butterprint, Square Flowers and MORE!

I have been so lucky on the Pyrex hunt lately!  Check out my latest finds - the Square Flowers was a birthday present :)  the rest were found at Savers - including the pristine Friendship lasagna pan!!!

Boy do I hope this luck keeps up!!!