Sunday, March 30, 2008

Apples and Pears Pouch Part 2

I had grand plans of sewing up a bunch of small things today, but I only ended up with this little guy. I used this tutorial from Craftster for it. The fabric is a Japanese import I bought on etsy a while back and the lining is yellow gingham. I will definitely interface the gingham the next time I use it, it's very lightweight. I'm very happy with the way this turned out, it's a little cutie! It's now on my bureau, holding some jewelry, right where I can admire it.

I washed up all the fabrics I bought in Florida plus the linen I bought last night. I have lots of plans for that linen, lots of pouches and clutches with embroidery and fun trims. I also ordered a TON of fabric from SewMamaSew. Like I need more fabric!

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

One more thing...

Of course I made the matching pouch! I love sets...see here and here. :-)
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Presenting Fiona!

Finished!!! Far from perfect, but done! I skipped the topstitching because it was not coming out good and I really wanted to finish it today. There is only so much seam ripping I can do, and believe me I did a lot with this bag. It's me though, not the pattern. I really liked making this and someday I may make it again. But, let me show a picture!

It's just the right size for a wallet, cell phone, my camera and some other odds and ends. Hmm...I need a new zipper pouch to go with it! Although, I think I need to make something in a different fabric. I'm off to bake some cookies and play around in the sewing room a bit more.

Have a great day!

Friday, March 28, 2008


I went to Barnes and Noble today. I only meant to pick up Bead Simple by Susan Beal, which I knew had just been released this week. However, this is what I left with:

I had been wanting the Pretty Little Patchwork and Pretty Little Potholder books, but I didn't think they had been released yet, so when I saw them, I had to grab them! The Pillow Book comes with patterns, so of course I had to get that one too. Yes, I know pillows are easy, but if I don't have to measure, I'm not going to!
I'm so excited to have some new craft books (not that I need any more!). I still want this and this, but they will have to wait for now. Unfortunately I have to go to work, so I'm saving these for when I get home. Today would be the perfect day to stay home and read, since it's a mix of snow and rain outside, but I must go to work. I have plans to finish the Fiona bag tomorrow, so look for some pictures! Also, I have been HORRIBLE about my EveryDay Flickr project. I like taking outdoor pictures and the weather just isn't helping. Maybe I'll start again April 1 and just do a weekly posting, since I am bad about uploading pictures everyday. We'll see. In the meantime, there WILL be pictures posted this weeked of sewing projects. :-)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thinking Spring

Flowers ready to open...
Yummy cupcakes for Easter....

A perfect pouch...
And in progress....Fiona!

I was in full domestic mode today. I baked the cupcakes then tinted the frosting in pink, blue and yellow. The cake plate I got yesterday at Homegoods. I couldn't resist, it's such a pretty pink!

Anyway, in between baking and frosting, I made the pouch, which somehow came out perfect! I love this fabric too, it's so cheerful! Then I cut out and started work on the Fiona Handbag. I think this bag is going to come out really cute. It's got gathering and pleating involved, so it's not a one afternoon project, but I kind of like having something to work on when I have the time. Now, I have to make the time! I definitely plan on making some time this week because I decided that the more I sew the more fabric I can buy!!! After Fiona, I want to make a skirt, hopefully from this book. Stay tuned and Happy Easter to all!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Luck of the Irish

It must be the luck of the Irish that is allowing me to finally be able to show a finished object! I started this little wristlet before I left for my trip (it's actually the object that killed my Kenmore!) and since I had some extra time this morning, I finished it up. This is why I love making bags, it's like instant gratification. The zipper even came out really close to perfect. There is one little bit at the end that I wish stayed tucked in, but practice makes perfect! I'm going to be churning these babies out! Here is a shot of the lining, it's pink and black, from a fat quarter I bought at Joann's.

Hope all of your projects are going well. Happy St. Patty's Day everyone! :-)
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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Back Home

Well, I'm back from a wonderful vacation in Florida. Very relaxing but it went by too fast! To make myself feel better about being back in the Northeast, I bought a few treats from etsy.

First, I got this sewing pattern from I've been looking at it for a while and finally just decided to get it. I love that it came right away, so I can (hopefully) get started on it asap!

Then I got this card case from The fabric matches my planner, so I couldn't resist. Plus, I'm curious as to how sturdy other people make their card cases.

Lastly, I ordered this notebook and these earrings from I love ladybugs and owls, so how could I resist!

I had to hold back from ordering fabric. I have a ton of it already, so I'm going to start working through that stash before I order any more. It was hard though, I really want this, this and some of this too!

Sorry for all of the links, but I'm not sure what the etiquette is about putting other people's pictures (even with links to their shops) on the blog. Does anyone know?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Beach Bum

Sorry it's been a bit since I posted but internet access has been a bit spotty here. I did go to the Joann's Superstore while I was here and I loved it! Look at all the stuff I got:
Lots of fabric (ginghams, polka dots, purple cotton for a top); a dress that just needs a seam; beads; notions, embroidery thread, new scissors, new rotary blades....this place was so nice. Everything was just so clean and so nice and there was just so much of it!
I've got a bit of a sunburn, which happened while jetskiing. It was worth it though! Today was spent at the Red Sox Spring Training:

I come home on Saturday and I have lots to sew. All of the things that I meant to make for Florida, plus the Fiona bag, the Girls Best Friend Wallet and more!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Stash and Dash

Here is the secret project I have been hinting at. It's a birthday gift set for my aunt. I used Amy Butler Lotus fabrics, which are the same ones she used on the front of the pattern. I'm going to post a review of this on Pattern Review later on. I think they came out cute, although I just noticed the zipper on the make up bag isn't perfect and I don't have time to fix it. It's pretty close though and I think this is a cute set.

I leave for my trip tomorrow, but my laptop is coming with me :-)
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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Toy

My new Singer sewing machine arrived this week and I set it up and read the manual cover to cover. This machine is great! It has a drop in bobbin and threaded like a dream. I didn't find it to be as loud as some reviewers mentioned, but the light is pretty dim. That doesn't bother me since I have a nice bright light behind it. My only complaint is that the metal piece on the top of the machine that comes up when the needle comes up does not come out of the machine. It made threading a little tricky, but my trusty seam ripper helped there. That one complaint was more than erased when I started practicing stitches. Here are some of the 70 (!) that I experimented with:
Do you see that one? You know which one I mean, you can see it more clearly here:

It's a buttonhole! An almost perfect one on the first try!!! I am in love with my new machine! Sorry for the bad pictures, it's gray and rainy where I am right now, but I'm too excited to hold off!

I've also decided that I need to post more, so I'm going to try to update at least once during the week with links or spotlights on etsy shops, which should be easy. I love etsy. I could easily become addicted to it! If anyone has a shop that they run or that they would just like me to take a look at, leave a message in the comments! There are so many great handmade items and indie designers on that site, it will be easy for me to update more often. :-)

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Sunday, March 2, 2008


Not much sewing has been going on around here since my new machine has not arrived yet. However, I have done some cleaning up and reorganizing in my sewing room. Here is a before picture of my fabric:

Here is the after shot, I can finally see everything I have:

I also reorganized my notions basket. I have a small craft store's worth of items in here:

I did start on a secret project (it's a gift and I'm not sure if the recipient reads this or not) on my mother's machine, a Kenmore, which runs so great! I can't believe how much I miss having my own machine, so thanks, Mom, for letting me borrow yours!!! My machine should be here tomorrow so I'm excited! I probably won't have everything made for my Florida trip that I wanted, but that's ok, as long as my gift is done I will be happy.

In other creative news, I have decided to start a photo project. I'm calling it Photo a Day and my goal is to take at least one photo every day and post it on my flickr page. I'm hoping this will help me to look at everyday things and see them in a more creative light. Also I think it will help me learn more about taking and editing photos. You can follow my progress here.
Photos to come next week of my secret gift and some Florida projects!