Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Toy

My new Singer sewing machine arrived this week and I set it up and read the manual cover to cover. This machine is great! It has a drop in bobbin and threaded like a dream. I didn't find it to be as loud as some reviewers mentioned, but the light is pretty dim. That doesn't bother me since I have a nice bright light behind it. My only complaint is that the metal piece on the top of the machine that comes up when the needle comes up does not come out of the machine. It made threading a little tricky, but my trusty seam ripper helped there. That one complaint was more than erased when I started practicing stitches. Here are some of the 70 (!) that I experimented with:
Do you see that one? You know which one I mean, you can see it more clearly here:

It's a buttonhole! An almost perfect one on the first try!!! I am in love with my new machine! Sorry for the bad pictures, it's gray and rainy where I am right now, but I'm too excited to hold off!

I've also decided that I need to post more, so I'm going to try to update at least once during the week with links or spotlights on etsy shops, which should be easy. I love etsy. I could easily become addicted to it! If anyone has a shop that they run or that they would just like me to take a look at, leave a message in the comments! There are so many great handmade items and indie designers on that site, it will be easy for me to update more often. :-)

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Cyndi said...

Wow, 70 stitches! And some really pretty ones from what you showed. I'm sure you are having lots of fun with your "new toy". This machine looks like it also has some specific quilting features. Do you quilt?

Katie said...

I have not quilted yet, but I always think about trying it. I especially like the idea of making a small quilt for a baby gift. Maybe someday... Do you quilt, or rather what do you like to sew?

Cathy... said...

I can tell you are going to have a blast with that machine! Enjoy!

Cyndi said...

I mostly sew clothes. I sew home dec items occasionally (like curtains, pillows,...), and I like to craft. I'm always looking for small projects that catch my attention (you have some cute projects on your blog that are inspiring). But quilting interests me also. I have done a little bit of quilting, but always with someone right by my side talking me through it. Recently I found a quilt-a-long on a blog ( They were just finishing it as I found it, so I wasn't able to do it with them. But it is still on the blog, and she gives really good instructions. So I'm trying to do that on my own. Anyway, quilting and crafting are nice change of pace kind of things for me, but I always go back to garments.