Monday, May 28, 2012

The Pinterest Summer Challenge

Hello there!  I'm finally back to tell you about a little project I have been dreaming up (while I have NOT been sewing and blogging - so bad!!)  Anyhoo - everyone is obsessed with Pinterest like I am right?  Everybody wants to make the projects they pin on Pinterest right?  So, let's do it!  From Memorial Day to Labor Day, I'm challenging myself (and YOU!) to start making the things you pin!  Let's see how many we can do!

I have a Sewing Inspiration Board, a Crafty Board and 2 different recipe boards (one for Yummy and one for Getting Healthy) and my challenge to myself is to make as many different things from these four boards as possible.  I also suggest trying different homemade cleaning supplies, homemade beauty and skincare recipes, replicate a hairstyle that you pinned, try a tutorial for whatever you find - basically anything that you can "create" will be included in this challenge. 

I hope some of you choose to join me on this little challenge!  If you do, let me know!  I'd love to check out your blog, pinterest and/or flickr :)  And please  please please send me links to your projects!  I've started a pinboard (follow it here) and I will post each project I make on the pinboard, here on my blog and on my flickr account, too.  I really hope you guys join me and I can't wait to see your projects!  I'd love to follow you on Pinterest too and I hope you will follow me :)  
Please remember - pin responsibly!  Here is a great post on pinning etiquette.  And, definitely give credit where it should be - show the original pin and then the project that you made as well.  Ok, time to get started :):)

Here's a button you can grab and put on your blog! 


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