Sunday, November 28, 2010

Version 2

Happy Sunday All! Here is what I worked on today - a second version of the camera wristlet and ipod holder. Sooooo happy with them both! I love this fabric (from Joann's) and I think it's a much better choice. It just makes me happy :) I forgot to link to the Keykalou Pattern website yesterday, so here it is for you now. I also got the Pocket Clutch and I'm going to cut that out this afternoon. Hope everyone is getting some sewing time this weekend!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Pouches

New Pouches
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I made these pouches for my new camera and ipod. The camera pouch is a pattern from Keykalou Patterns. This is such a cute little padded pouch :) Next time I make it I will use fusible fleece instead of batting (I think the batting I have is too thick for this pouch).

The ipod holder is a pattern I made up on my own. It's just the right size and it has a little pocket in the front for my headphones. I got a lot of inspiration for this pattern on etsy.

These were both practice runs, I'll be making them up again really soon and hopefully those versions will be perfect :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

This Week

I meant to blog about this earlier, but I forgot to post it! Last weekend I put some of my Pyrex to good use and made up some Amish Friendship Bread. You receive a bag of batter from someone and for the next 10 days you squeeze up the bag and add some milk, sugar and flour to it. On the 10th day, you add more milk, sugar and flour and divide the batter between 4 new bags. Then you take the remainder and add a whole bunch of things and bake it up. I've made it before and it's really good :) Instead of using 2 regular size loaf pans, I decided to make some smaller loaves so that I can freeze them easier. I gave one to my parents and they said it was great! I'm giving the other 2 away as gifts. I'll save a loaf for myself next time! :)
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Stash and Dash, Part II

Hello there! I fried the hard drive to my computer so I have been unable to blog for a bit! I'm actually typing this up at the library and I'll add the picture and post once I get my computer back. :) Luckily all of my pictures and music were able to be saved!!

I wanted to use the Weekends fabric I had just received, so I whipped up this little set. I have made the Stash and Dash pattern before (you can see it here) and I do love it. Each bag was simple to put together and I love how the darts make it that much roomier.

I keep dreaming of garment sewing, but I'm also trying to work from my stash a bit and I don't have a ton of time to sew, so it's been small projects round here lately. I ordered myself a new ipod and a new camera, so I'm going to make pouches for each of them. I'm also going to start collecting some fabric from the Dream On line for a quilt and since it's been so rainy and chilly around here, I'm thinking I need a new pair of flannel pajama pants. Happy Sewing :)