Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Few Small Changes

So you may have noticed a complete lack of posting here.  Somehow my blogging and sewing motivation has just disappeared.  I have been really focusing on working out and eating healthy and that has kind of taken over my free time.  I miss this though, so I'm hoping to refocus on this space.

To do that though, I have decided to do a little facelift and make a few changes.  I renamed the blog Forever Sunshine - which refers to the positive outlook I feel is so important.  There will still be sewing and Pinterest finds, but there will also be a little bit more of recipes and fitness talk and all-around life things.  I'm still interested in graphic design and I want to work on that in this space a bit more.  Basically, I want to make this space more of a reflection of my whole life, not just the sewing part of it.  I hope you all will hang around :):)

Do you ever lose motivation?  What are some tips that you guys have to help me get back into the blogging rhythm?

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