Saturday, November 26, 2011

Oreo Truffles

I have had this recipe pinned for a short time now and I was dying to try it!  These truffles are a 3 ingredient recipe that are so easy to put together :)  And, they were a big hit on Thanksgiving - they will definitely be made again!!

Here are my ingredients - melting chocolate picked up at Joann's, Double-Stuffed Oreos and a block of cream cheese - that's it!

I got to use my awesome new food processer - just toss in a bunch of the Oreos and pulse away till you have this....

Then you simply mix it with the cream cheese, roll into balls and refridgerate.  Cover with the melted chocolate and garnish with some of the crushed Oreos (click the first photo above to get to the original and more detailed instructions :)  Like I said, they were a huge hit and so easy (if a bit messy!!!) 

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