Monday, February 22, 2010

Not in Love

Well, I am just not in love with the idea of making the Folklore Bag. First, I'm already starting to think about spring fabrics and colors so sewing with corduroy is just not inspiring me. Plus I haven't really loved any of the ones I have seen made up. I'm heading to Florida at the end of the week so I'm hoping to pick up some fabric there to make a spring bag. I love the canvas fabrics at Joann's so I think I'll look there. And I have a million patterns for bags that I have either made and loved or really want to make, so I'll choose from one of them.

I got an order from - 2 pretty blue knits. Since I dragged out my serger and practiced on it, I think it's time to try a top or two. I also reorganized my fabric and sewing closet and found the blue poplin I bought at Mood Fabrics in NYC. So now I have 3 blue tops planned. I've been reading some blogs where the authors are working on their personal style and I love that idea. I always like to change my look or update a bit during the transition from winter to spring. I don't have time to add the links or photos right now, but in my next post I'll show you my fabrics and patterns that I plan to use and link to the blogs I just mentioned. And hopefully I'll have some things to show off once I'm back from Florida! :)

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