Saturday, February 23, 2008

Finished Objects and Frustration

Here is the finished gift set I made for my friend. The bag is Simplicity 4668 which I love. This bag went together so easily that I was able to sew it up in an afternoon. It's hard to tell, but the fabric is a soft green canvas. This made for a sturdy bag, but I still interfaced it. The lining is a pretty light purple print. The two zippered pouches are made of the same material and both have light purple zippers. I hope she likes her set!

The frustration part of this post is from the fact that my machine is acting up again. I was sewing up a wristlet (that I wanted to take out tonight), and was halfway finished when I broke a needle (which has been happening a lot lately). Anyway, after that, the machine will not thread. I have tried for a half an hour to thread the thing and no luck. Now I'm thinking that I should take my work bonus and get a new machine! I have way too many projects lined up to deal with this! I was looking at this Singer Ingenuity...any thoughts?

Lastly, here is a cute little pincushion that arrived in the mail today from etsy seller Natalie Rensink of Pincushion Alley. Isn't it adorable!

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Cathy... said...

How frustrating! Yes, go buy a new machine. You will definitely get your money's worth. The reviews on that Singer you mentioned sounded fabulous. I say - go for it!!!!

Blancs At Large said...

oooh, found your site quite by accident but love the bag you made for your friend!