Sunday, February 10, 2008

Not calling it failure...

More like a learning experience...this jacket was SO CLOSE to coming out perfect! The parts that I thought would be the most difficult (the collar, the sleeves) weren't as bad as attaching the lining and the jacket along the bottom. Everything else came out good, but this just wouldn't work. You can see in this next picture how funky it looks:

However, like I said, this was a learning experience. I think I will try this jacket again, but my fabric choice will be different. The apple corderoy and the slippery lining fabric did not want to work for me. If I do this pattern again, it will be in a lightweight denim with a cotton lining. Aaahh easy to sew with! I did make this ipod pillow for my room, which came out pretty good:

I am feeling pretty proud of myself that I'm not letting this unfinished jacket get me down. I saw this skirt made up and I think I might try it for my next big item. I might even get the same's called Katie Jump Rope! It'll be perfect for next month's trip to Florida!

In the meantime, I'm going to work on some simpler projects. I think this will go together easier next time, but I have many other items I want to work on and I like things that go together a little quicker. Look for some bags and a little hat for Florida and for some work to begin on the Anna Tunic and the wrap skirt mentioned above. Have a great week!

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Cathy... said...

Completely understand where you're coming from - and you did learn a lot - but I think it really came out cute!!!

kathryn said...

I would guess that probably 50% of all of my projects end up as "learning experiences!" Oh well, I guess that's how we improve! But I thought your jacket looked wonderful, and I loved the fabric choice!

Cyndi said...

Your jacket turned out really cute! I like your fabric choice. I hope you will enjoy wearing it and not worry about the part that isn't "perfect". No one else will ever know if you don't tell them.

I have a couple of jackets that I'm wanting to make. But I'm concerned about fitting issues because RTW jackets never seem to fit quite right. So, like you, I am working on some simpler projects (for me it is pajamas for my boys) hoping to boost my confidence enough to get started on the harder projects. It really is encouraging just to see something that you have finished, isn't it.

(P.S. - I hope this doesn't post twice, I've had a hard time getting it to go through)