Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The spring weather around here has motivated me to put all of my dull black and gray winter clothes away and bring out the spring and summer clothes. Things I discovered while doing this: I really don't need any more clothes...I really like the colors green and blue...I actually need BAGS! (and shoes) :-) All of that shopping for my Florida trip, plus the clothes I had bought last year have left me with a great spring and summer wardrobe (although I'd be kidding myself if I said I wasn't going to buy anything else!) but I could definitely use some spring and summer bags. Good thing those are my favorite things to make! Once I finish up the skirt and top, I will be on a bag making frenzy!

I am also going to redecorate my bedroom in shades of blue and green (my favorite obviously). My mother is generously giving me her vanity, which is white with a light blue top. I'm looking for either a white or light blue coverlet and then I'm going to use these three fabrics as accents. Pretty! The grandest part of this plan is my determination to teach myself how to crochet granny squares and then make a million of them and sew them together for an afghan. We'll see about this one :-)


Cathy... said...

Wow! You ARE motivated! Cleaning, redecorating and learning to crochet, too??? I love the fabrics you picked out for your bedroom - really spring-like and pretty. :)

kerri said...

So lucky you already have a summer wardrobe, bags are fun to make! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

You can totally figure out the crochet thing. I made a granny hex blanket awhile ago and the one thing I learned - the smaller the squares, the more seams to sew. hehe