Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year!!! I can't believe that I am on my 100th post on New Year's Day! Now I will have to try and post more often so I can be over 200 next New Years :-) As many bloggers have been doing, here are my sewing/craft resolutions for 2009:

Sew some of the patterns I have ordered from etsy sellers to include the Ella Handbag, Small Satchel, the City Tote and the Erica Handbag

Work on garment sewing to include making the following:
- A pair of pants
- At least one woven dress and one knit dress
- A knit top
- Some skirts

Develop some patterns and open an Etsy shop (I have been wanting to do this for a while, I'm still in the thinking about it stage, but I hope by the summer to have a plan!)

Blog twice weekly

Learn to crochet

Sew the Sophia Bag and a matching Weekender Bag

Participate in Wardrobe Refashion (I signed up for 2 months to start)

Make some jewelry

Other resolutions include building up my savings and reducing debt, continue going to the gym, cook a bit more (as you can see above I started that one!) and of course, I hope to continue sewing and blogging throughout this new year. Thanks for reading! :-)

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