Sunday, June 8, 2008


I went to a fundraiser last night and saw a lady wearing the same shirt as me! That does not make me happy, so now I'm even more focused on the mini-wardrobe challenge! Here are the 4 patterns I have chosen to use:

I might not use the last pattern, I really want to do a fuller skirt. I had another skirt that I wanted to use, but I'm missing the pattern pieces. I'll have to wait for Simplicity patterns to go on sale! Now I have to chose my fabrics. Still not sure what I want to use, so I'm going to think about it some more before I buy.

I also cut out the pieces for the Pleated Beauty Bag and started sewing it up. Unfortunately, the heat is getting to me and I'm going to stop now and go swimming. I'm hoping to sew this bag up this week though!

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