Saturday, October 2, 2010


I did my first swap! I have been coveting the Spring Blossom 8"x8" baking pan since I first starting collecting. I saw that Jeni from the awesome blog In Color Order had it up for trade so I emailed her and we made arrangements for a swap! It was a lot of fun and you know I love getting stuff in the mail! I will definitely be doing this again and I hope to join a sewing swap too. Here it is in action - apple brownies fresh out of the oven!

My aunt gave me an early birthday present today - 3 pieces of Pyrex! She found them all at yard sales so she got great deals on them. Then she and I and my mom went to another couple of yard sales and I found 3 more pieces for $5!!! They are all over on my flickr if anyone is interested in seeing what I found.

I hope to get some sewing in tomorrow - and I am going to try baking some Red Velvet Cookies (doesn't that sound amazing??? I found the link at In Color Order, told you her blog was good!!). I haven't sewn a stitch since my Mabel bag, it's time to start working on something! I'm starting to think about maybe making a new quilt. But maybe something smaller first! We have some wonderful Fall weather here in the Boston area today so I'm heading out for a run - Happy Saturday to you!

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Mom said...

Can't wait to sample those apple brownies!!!! Yum...