Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vacation Days

I start my mini summer vacation tomorrow - I only took 2 days during the summer so I can take a full week in the fall - I love fall :-) Anyway, I hope to finish my Built by Wendy top. That shouldn't take long at all. I bought some knit on sale at Joann's today to play around with when my serger arrives (it shipped today!), so I need to get that washed up along with my Amy Butler dots. Then I need to cut out the t-shirt pattern from Sew U Home Stretch and cut out the dots for the Anna pattern. That should be enough to keep me busy!

I noticed that I have bookmarked a ton of tutorials. I'm going to start sharing the links here, since there are so many fun ones out there. The first one I will share is for the headband I made the other day. I love this tutorial and plan on making a million of these! Enjoy!


Lisa said...

It is great that you are getting so much sewing accomplished. thank you so much for the headband tutorial. I need to make a few for the fall. Enjoy your serger, you will love it! Have a great time on your vacation.Can't wait to see your new tops!

Jessica said...

Have a great little vacation. I too would wait and take a whole week in the Fall...I just love the Fall so very much!