Thursday, July 31, 2008

Simple and Tasty

I'm hosting a Tastefully Simple party tonight. For those of you who don't know this company, they have at home parties (similar to Mary Kay or Tupperware) and they sell food. Everything is a mix that you only have to add one or 2 ingredients to and each item costs under $10. Here is what I need to put together for tonight:

I'm making the beer bread (YUM!), chocolate pound cake, 2 cheese balls and several dips. Next time I'm going to plan my party for the fall, since it's 85 degrees here, I have no air conditioning and my oven is on. But, the food is coming out good and I have Kenny Chesney playing in the background so it's a good afternoon. Plus, I'm not at work!

Today's tutorial comes from Better Homes & Garden's website. It's an Amy Butler clutch with an antique brooch featured on the closure. I can see this made up in all sorts of fabrics for any type of occasion. By the way, if anybody makes anything from any of these links, I'd love to see a picture! Here is the link, enjoy!

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