Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Hello there!  I have been sewing up a storm lately!  Above you can see all of the items I have made for the party I'm planning - not shown some earrings I made previously.  I'm going back and forth about including them at the party, since my friend and co-hostess makes jewelry.  But, these are different than what she makes and there are only a few pairs, so I will probably include them.

I finished up the set of notebook covers I was planning - each in a different colorway of Darla by Tanya Whalen.  Love this fabric and love the pattern!

I've also made up a few more key fobs.  I had a hard time with these, attaching the hardware can be tricky, but these one's came out ok.

Here are a couple of sets of magnets that I whipped together - super cute!

And lastly, two large pouches.  These are so cute and they hold a bunch!  Both are lined in black and white polka dots.


Sachiko said...

Very nice craftmanship! I like your fabric choices too. Thank you for linking to my party!

Christy said...

Can I come to your party if these are the gifts? :) Very cute!


FlyAwayHome said...

Katie, I found you thru Tea Rose Home... I have read thru many of your posts and I just LOVE your blog! I am surprised you don't have hundreds of followers!Thanks for sharing.